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Perfect start to a wednesday morning.

Ooh Lovely :D

I agree with the above comment. What a great way to start the day!

I'd like to join the chorus of "what a wonderful way to start the day".

There will be a sequel, yes? Surely? What can I bribe you with to get you to write a sequel?

Jamie didn't know what god he'd not fucked over to be looked at like that, and especially by Malcolm, but he accepted it without question.

I love this line. And Jamie just texting "oi" made me giggle. And the rest, of course. Mhmmm.

Do you mind if I friend you? :)

hells yeah! glad to get everyone's day started on the right foot (the time difference in america pays off for once).

i didn't start thinking sequel until i was about halfway through, but now i think yes. sequel. eeee. if only because i want to read it too.

Hee! Brilliantly sexy. Poor Malcolm.

Having run out of Malcolm/Jamie on AO3 and FFnet, I am now desperately trawling the net for MORE!!! And this did not disappoint! Shame it seems you never wrote that sequel...

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